A wider project


Artecompo is the first step in a wider project: to create a website totally dedicated to the visual analysis of images, including the laws of perception they depend on.


Within this project, an area of particular focus will be urban planning and the architecture of our cities, in search of some simple visual principles whose use, above and beyond issues of style, could protect us from the principal planning errors of modern towns and cities.





In this area, visual analysis is no longer simply an academic discipline, but achieves social relevance, given that the absence of visual harmony in many contemporary environments can encourage, in our opinion, subjective discomfort in its inhabitants and, in the long term, the devitalization of their social coexistence.


The development of this website will require financial resources which, for the moment, can only be obtained through voluntary contributions by internauts. We’d like to encourage you to make your contribution through the page "Support Us".



View of Aguadulce